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Portland ‘Thon History

Once Upon A Time…

… San Francisco sex toy and education shop Good Vibrations declared May to be "Masturbation Month." Since then, it has been the month during which similar shops and philosophically agreeable individuals have been encouraged to use "sponsor" forms (like those used during walk-a-thons and the like) to write down pledges from friends keen to reward their masturbation activities. It's all for a good cause, of course, with participants donating the event-specific proceeds to a worthy sex-positive source.

Eight years ago, Carol Queen hosted the first "landed" Masturbate-a-thon in San Francisco, and shortly after opened the non-profit Center for Sex and Culture, which benefits from the annual San Francisco stroke fest and its various mixed and gender-specific rooms and solo sex competitions.

After attending the virgin voyage of the San Francisco event, Darklady returned home, nspired by a vision for a similar Portland fundraiser. Her philosophy about the celebration of self love has always been simple: Although not everyone is ready to sit down in a room full of people and masturbate, just about everyone is ready for a good party. Especially a Darklady party!

Darklady parties are famous for "firsts", and the Portland Masturbate-a-thon has never been different in that regard. Along with a warm sense of sexual diversity positive pansexual community; the eclectic blend of BDSM and sensual "Rubitorium" place spaces, costume themes, DJ driven and live music, performers, door prizes, traveling celebrities, opportunities for polite voyeurism, exhibitionism, experimentation, friendship, and even love — all manifested in wonderfully diverse venues — have made Darklady's parties world famous.

Since the Masturbate-a-thon is a fundraiser, bring your checkbook for the silent auction, which always includes an impressive collection of artistic, erotic, and practical items. All proceeds from the silent auction are earmarked specifically for each year's two non-profit beneficiaries.

But Darklady loves Esther's Pantry, too — and that's why guests who bring pet supplies, dry goods, clothing, household or hygeine products get $5.00 off their entry.

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